Former French Footballer David Ginola Speaks On His Experience Of Being ‘Clinically Dead’ For Eight Minutes

David Ginola has admitted that he wonders ‘every day’ why he managed to survive a cardiac arrest two years ago.

After suffering from a heart attack during a charity match in 2016, The former France International was pronounced ‘clinically dead’ for eight minutes. Yet thanks to successful quadruple bypass surgery, he still lives to tell the tale.

David Ginola is now keen to spread the awareness of CPR training, in an attempt to save more lives, as the procedure did his own.

Ginola is among many former professsionals to have suffered cardiac problems; Glenn Hoddle is currently recovering from a heart attack he suffered in October, while Ray Wilkins tragically passed away from the same condition in April.

Now, the Frenchman has spoken of his experience and how it has changed his outlook on life.

In an interview with ‘Sky Sports’ this past Monday, when asked about his feelings towards the events, Ginola said: “Completely fine? No. After that, the main thing that stays in your mind, psychologically, is why you are still there. Surgeon saying ‘well, nine people out of ten will come out of the hospital dead’, so why are you still there. Why does life give you a second chance? All of those questions are massive every day.”

He continued: “You find yourself in a position where you try to understand why you are still there. Maybe you are on a mission to make people understand the importance of how to perform CPR. Many few people know how to do it. If you ask 100 people, maybe 10, 20 will know how to do it. We need to improve that. We need to inform people. It could save hundreds, thousands, millions of lives.”



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